About Us

Top Wok is located at 141 Barrack Road, Christchurch. Established since 1994, we are the first open plan kitchen and multi times Award winning Chinese takeaway in the region.
As numerous time winners of Best of the Best Award in Best Asian Food category, we pride ourselves for providing our customers high quality foods and service.
We at Top Wok pride ourselves for providing our customers wide range of oriental foods. We are the first Chinese takeaway in the region to introduce meat alternative “veggie Chicken” to our vegan/vegetarian customers since 2001. “Veggie Chicken” is a meat alternative, made from soy protein or tofu and other natural ingredient. Over the years we have developed extensive range of delicious Veggie chicken dishes.
All our dishes are made with authentic, fresh ingredients and where possible always locally sourced.


Is Top Wok A Chain or Franchise?
No. Top Wok was the first open plan kitchen Chinese takeaway established in 1994 at Christchurch, this grew to include takeaways in Ferndown, Bournemouth and Parkstone. However, all the Top Wok Branches are now operate independently.
What is loyalty point? How it work?
Loyalty point system is a way we at Top Wok expressing our gratitude toward your constant support(only applied on online ordering). For every £2.oo you will earn 1 loyalty point.The maximum point can be redeem per order is 200 loyalty point.
Beside loyalty point system, from time to time we will be running promotion coupon such as Like us on FB/Twitter which instantly earn you 20 loyalty points.
Why there is a deduction on my loyaty point?
When the website first lauch, we encounter some technical isssue on calculating the correct loyalty point ratio which is £2=1 point.
Therefore, after correction on the system, deduction on layaty point overpay will be automatically amended accordingly.
Where does Top Wok deliver to?
Top Wok offers a full delivery service to Christchurch, Bournemouth and the surrounding areas (up to 8 miles radius). A driver fee of £1.00 is applied to all delivery orders. No delivery charge within 2 miles. For delivery outside 2 miles there is a small delivery charge added to the bill (each extra mile will be charged at £1.00/mile).
What is the different between driver fee and delivery charge?
Driver fee is an added cost toward all delivery order. While delivery charge only applied to outside free delivery radius (within 2 miles), which is £1.00 per extra mile. At Top Wok, it is our motto to keep a low cost and high quality foods and service. Therefore, we believe it is only fair for our customers who order for delivery service to pick up the extra overhead rather than build the cost into our menu.                                                                                                     
Reminder: on internet ordering, those who are within 2 miles delivery radius will see a £1.00 delivery charge in their bill; this actually is a driver fee. 
How long does collection and delivery take?
Normal collection time is around 10-15 minutes. We aim to deliver within 35-45 minutes. At times, like all cook-to-order takeaway we do get busy, but we’ll let you know of any likely delays when you place your order and keep you updated.  During peak hour on Friday and Saturday night, please be aware delivery time might streched upto 90 minutes or beyond. if in doubt please call the shop to confirm . Any specific time on delivery order by customers will have a window of 5-10 minutes earlier or later upon delivery. Please give clear indication what you prefer if you want your meal to be deliver in a set time by telling us; no later than or no earlier than. 

How can I get a quicker delivery?

We always try to deliver as soon as we can but we've put together our top tips to ensure a quick order:

*** Order before 18:30 (6.30pm) or after 21:00 (9.00pm). It's always quieter as 18:30-20:30 (6.30pm - 8.30pm) is our peak time.
*** Order when the weather is good. We get twice as many orders when it rains, snows or gloomy day.
*** Order’s can be placed any time in advance, on special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, New Years Day and other Bank Holidays. We will guarantee delivering within a one hour window if you order in advance.

*** Make sure your address and phone number is correct, just in case our driver need to contact you.

Does Top Wok pre-cook and microwave dishes?
No, Top Wok cooks every order from scratch. We follow the virtues that made Top Wok the most popular and respected Chinese takeaway in Christchurch, Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, our highly skilled chefs use fresh ingredients to create the best tasting dishes. Over the years Top Wok in Christchurch is a multiple time Best of the Best award winner.
Does Top Wok offer Gluten Free Dishes?
Yes. As we cook every order from scratch we can make 90% of our dishes gluten free. Some dishes are impossible to make without using gluten in the ingredients understandably. Please check when placing your order and we will be happy to advice. All our staffs are trained with knowledge in allergen prevention.
Does Top Wok use MSG in cooking?
No. we do not use MSG in our cooking. We always try our best to source MSG free ingrediants or products to use in our cooking. Howerver, some  products from manufacturer  might contain trace of MSG which is out of our reach. If in doubt, call us to get more informed information on product you want to know.
Can Top Wok cater to my dietary requirement? 
Yes. As we cook every order from scratch, our chefs expertly and in depth knowledge of the ingredients used, we will be able to cater to your need. Please check when placing your order and we will be happy to advice.
Refund policy
Due to the perishable nature of the goods, we do not normally offer refund.
If you genuinely believe you have a reason for refund: please use the Feedback form
Any refund is at discretion of the management
Trip advisor review term and condition
a) you must have verified purchase per review
b) After submitting the review, copy and paste the review content and email us by using Feedback Us in your Top Wok account.
c) It is important you used the email that you have register with us.
d) Once verified, 5 loyalty point will be added to you account.
We at Top Wok take every review seriously in order to provide the best foods and service to our customers.
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